The Department of philosophy, Arts College Dharwad is as old as the college itself. The subjects Logic was introduced at the very inception of the college in 1917. The Honours course was introduced about the time when the college became First Grade in 1920.

Eighty years after its inception, in 1997, The Department was going strong, offering three related but distinct optional subjects philosophy, Religion and Logic, this is fact is the one Department under the jurisdiction of the Karnataka University, offering all the three subjects under “philosophy”, both Indian and western philosophies are offered; Religion covers a wide variety of religions as also philosophy of Religion and Ethics; and ‘Logic embraces traditional and modern system of Logic, both Indian and western. With the introduced of the semester system and accompanying revision of curriculum, the Department introduced two more subjects is applied Philosophy and comparative Religion both Indian and western accompanying revision  of curriculum, again we have made revision of the BA I & II, V & VI Semesters Philosophy syllabus which is effective from 2017 – 18.

At present Dr. A.C. Kurahatti is the Head of the Department, Associate Professor and Dr. B. Mahadeviah Assistant professor. The Department also takes the help of guest Lecturers whenever Department needs, who are experienced teachers.

Dr. A. C. Kurahatti
M.A., Ph.D.
Dr. B. Mahadevayya
M.A., Ph.D.
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