The Department of sociology was started in 1960. Earlier sociology, science of society was taught by the staff belonging to History and Economics Departments.  Though the department did not have independent existence, the importance of sociology as a branch of knowledge was recognized in the year 1944, when provision for teaching sociology was made. It was one of the most common popular subjects taught as subsidiary to BA classes with the establishment of the department of sociology.  This subject was introduced as one of the optional subjects.

The sociology, an empirical and rational science allows its students to get familiarity with wide varieties of paper in a span of three years. In the first year of BA students are made to acquaint with the general principles of sociology comprising of social institutions, fundamental concepts, social stratification, study of social groups and social processes and many others. In the third and fourth semester, they study contributions of Indian social thinkers and western thinkers. It is through these papers they develop positive insight regarding rich Indian culture and heritage. In the fifth semester the focus will be on understanding the different dimensions of Indian society and rural development. In the sixth semester, they examine the major social problems and research methodology. These papers allow them to develop research aptitude and insight regarding the serious social problems encountered by Indian society. The very curriculum of sociology is designed keeping the future career path and aspirations of students in mind.

Now sociology has emerged as one of the popular optional subjects in this college. Many students elect sociology with different expectations in mind. The students wishing to appear for PDO, IAS, KAS and other competitive examinations seek sociology as one of their optional subject. After studying sociology many students selected sociology at MA level. Some students have entered the stream of Social work. Thus this discipline offers many opportunities to the students to shape their career. Sociology, even otherwise gives every one to shape their personality and career. Now there is acute competition among the students to select this subject as one of their optional. After the examination of strength of students in sociology we can come to this conclusion. On an average, 100 to 120 students opt for sociology as one of the optional subjects at BA level. Many students who have studies sociology as one of their optional subjects have bagged gold medals and ranks in previous years. Surprisingly, this subject is more popular among girls.

Students from Vijayapur, Koppal, Raichur and in fact from many corners of Karnataka come to this college to study the subjects of their choice and mould their career. Thus our college in general and department in particular, is catering to the educational needs of students coming from different regions and different sections of the society.

The department has two permanent staff members. Both have doctorate to their credit and are working as associate professors.


Dr. (Smt.) M. C. Chalawadi
M.A., Ph.D.
Dr. I. C. Mulagunda
M.A., Ph.D.
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