Pre University Course for ARTS

PUC - I Year:

  1. Basic English is a compulsory language subject.
  2. One more language is compulsory. Students can choose any one language of their choice from the following: Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Urdu, French
  3. One of the following combinations of the subjects is to be chosen:
  • Group 1:    History    Economics    Sociology        Political Science
  • Group 2:    History    Economics    Logic            Sociology
  • Group 3:    History    Economics    Sociology        Optional Kannada
  • Group 4:    Economics    Sociology    Political Science    Psychology
  • Group 5:    Economics    Logic        Sociology        Psychology
  • Group 6:    History    Economics    Geography        Optional Kannada
  • Group 7:    History    Economics    Geography        Political Science
  • Group 8:    History    Economics    Optional Kannada    Hindustani Music

PUC - II Year:
    Students of PUC II year Arts have to continue to study the same subjects which they choose in the first year of PUC. 

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