Established by a great personality like Prof. Sarojini Shintri and groomed by the renowned literary person like Dr. Veena Shanteshwar, ladies association of the college, possess a glorious history of more than fifty years. With the intention of serving the needs of female students and staff, association has been active in organizing several programs like special lectures, workshops, seminars and competitions on women oriented issues. Prime objective of the association is to bring awareness regarding women related concerns and give scope to find the solutions, further to strengthen them mentally and emotionally to face and overcome such issues through which their self respect and self confidence can be enhanced. Senior faculty members like Dr. S. S. Herlekar, Dr. Mangala Desai, Dr. Prema Hallikeri, Dr. V. S. Patil, Prof. Jayanti Shetty, Dr. V. Sharada, Dr. Aruna Hallikeri, Dr. I. M. Jamakhandi, Dr. S. A. Kolur chaired the association.

At present with the help of members like Dr. Keerti Mirejkar, Dr. Vibhavari Kulkarni and Dr. Rajani H, Dr. S. Annapurna is Chairing the association. In the year 2016 – 17 association organized a state level workshop and in the year 2017 -18 organized a one day national seminar on the topic “Women: Contemporary Apprehensions”.

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