Youth Red Cross (YRC) is part of the International Red Cross Organisation meant for Humanitarian services established in 1863 by Jean Henry Dunant. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian International body.  The International Red Cross world-wide functions on the seven fundamental principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. The YRC being the most important constituent of its mother organization, i.e. Indian Red Cross Society, is a student movement organized for students in Colleges, Technical Institutions and Universities.  The objectives of the YRC are to impart a sense of discipline and formation of character to the students. YRC unit aims to help the students in shaping and moulding their personality and developing their leadership qualities in serving the needy and vulnerable.

The Youth Red Cross Unit (YRC) in Karnatak Arts College registered under the Karnataka State Branch of Indian Red Cross Society, is one of the avenues available to the students to be pursued under Personality and Character Development Programme. The Youth Red Cross Unit in Karnatak Arts College was established in 2013 with the initiative taken by Principal Dr. S. S. Kattimani and Dr. M.B. Dalapati, Associate Professor of Political Science. The YRC Unit of the college is headed by two programme officers, and academically carries out its activities through the student office bearers i.e., Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary as well as student volunteers. Every student of the college becomes the member of the YRC as one takes admission to the college. The responsibility of the unit from 2013 was handed over to Programme Officers Dr. I. C. Mulgund, Associate Professor of Sociology and Prof. Joan Madtha, Assistant Professor of English. For the term 2014-2016, Dr. S. G. Jadhav, Associate Professor of Psychology and Prof. Joan Madtha served as Programme Officers. From 2016 the responsibility of the YRC as Programme Officers was handed over to Dr. Vamadeva Talavara, Assistant Professor of Kannada and Dr. Stella Steven, Assistant Professor of English.

Motto of YRC

As the youth of a country are the nation builders the YRC Unit of the college believes in the motto “SERVICE TO HUMANITY

Youth Red Cross has three cardinal principles i.e., Protection of Health and Life, Service to the Sick & Suffering and Promotion of National and International Friendship, 
to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth.Holding on to these principles, YRC volunteers work in the following areas:

  • Promotion of health and hygiene
  • Service to others
  • Relief work during emergencies like flood, fire and other natural calamities
  • National Integration
  • World friendliness.


Creating awareness about health and hygiene is a priority area. So YRC observes the following commemorative days with lectures, health camps & blood donation camp:

  • World Health Day
  • World Red Cross Day
  • World Blood Donation Day
  • Geneva Convention Day
  • World AIDS day
  • International Women's Day
  • Youth Day
  • YRC Day

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day



Dr. Vamadeva Talavara,                                                                         Dr. Stella Steven,

Assistant Professor of Kannada                                                            Assistant Professor of English

The YRC Unit at the college functions actively and organizes a host of programmes that are an experience worth learning to boost the morale of the students and to encourage them to participate in several activities. The participation of students in YRC helps the students to inculcate discipline in them and to understand their responsibilities towards their countrymen, especially the poor and downtrodden. The students of the college yearly are sent to participate in YRC Training camps held in different states and also to participate in various extra-curricular activities like Quiz conducted by the YRC at University as well as the YRC at state level. Our students, Manjunath C and Dattaniranjan of BA III year brought laurels to the college by bagging the First prize Rolling Shield in the State Level Quiz conducted on 30-9-2016 by Karnataka Sate Branch, Indian Red Cross Society, Bangalore. In 2017, our students Virupaksh Pujar and Yellappa of BA III year  participated in the same State Level Quiz and got consolation prize with mementos, cash prize organized on 5th December 2017 in Bangalore.  Every year Blood Donation camp is organized and the blood collected from students  is donated to District Hospital, Dharwad as well as Cancer Hospital, Hubli.


                                                                    Academic year 2016-2017    Date                                                       Activity                                                    Chief Guest/Resource Person

1.  15-08-2016                                             Blood Donation Camp                                      Dr, Prabhu, District Hospital,


2.  04-04-2017                                          World Health Day-                                    Dr. Mahendra Koulgu, Dharwad

                                                                   Special Talk on First Aid Awareness


                                                                       Academic year 2017-2018         Date                                                     Activity                                             Chief Guest/Resource Person


1.        08-09-2017                                     Special Talk on Healthy Practices                Dr, Karpurmath, Dharwad


2.  1    0-03-2018                                     Blood Donation Camp                                  Dr. Geeta Namgoudar, Medical 

                                                                                                                                             Officer, Karnatak University,



                                                                    Academic year 2017-2018    Date                                                         Activity                                            Chief Guest/Resource Person


1.       19-09-2018                                  Special Talk on Eye Donation                    Dr, Vijayvittal Managolli,

                                                                  Awareness                                                   Othalamologist and Retired

                                                                                                                                         District Surgeon, Dharwad               




Dr. Vamadeva Talavara,                                                                                             Dr. Stella Steven,

Assistant Professor of Kannada                                                            Assistant Professor of English

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