Student Welfare Office

The student welfare office caters to the needs of students. It is a sort of link between the students and Principal. Since its inception it is working for the overall welfare of the students’ fraternity.

The first student welfare officer of the 80’s was Prof. S. S. Gokavi from English department. With the passage of time the necessity was felt and he was succeeded by Dr. N. G. Chachadi, Dr. Joseph Mathew and Dr. A. R. Yardi. The full fledged SWO was set up during the year 2006 – 07. Dr. B. M. Madari was the SWO during 2006 – 09. He was succeeded by Prof. S. S. Pujari, Dr. D. B. Kardoni, Dr. S. K. Pawar and Dr. (Smt) M. R. Hiremath. The present SWO is Dr. M. K. V. Lamani from English Department.


Empowering and redressing grievances.


  1. Arranging gender sensitive programmes.
  2. To provide a platform for students to redress their grievances.
  3. Improving the employability of the students through job fairs and arranging special lectures.
  4. To provide a comprehensive, competent and responsive, harmonious and peaceful atmosphere to facilitate good learning environment to the students.


  1. Suggestion box is kept outside the SWO chamber wherein students drop letters. Grievances of the students are sorted out theme wise, then it is brought to the notice of the Principal for further necessary action.
  2. To empower the student fraternity SWO has organized many functions, programmes and training sessions.
  3. During the previous year’s job fair has been conducted very successfully so as to provide the students access to job opportunities.
  4. To empower the girl students the dept. has organized rifle training and Karate training.
  5. SWO takes care of discipline and maintenance of peaceful atmosphere on the campus.
  6. Ten Days Karate Training Programme was organized for Girl Students.
  7. Yoga camp is conducted both for girls and boys for a period of one week in collaboration with Sanskrit, Prakrit and Yoga dept. of the College.

It is through the parents that SWO of the college will understand the expectations of the stake holders, namely parents.


Student Welfare Officer

Dr. M. K. V. Lamani

Associate Professor

Department of English

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