The College Gymkana

Profile of Gymkhana

            The name of the body shall be “The Karnatak Arts/Science College Gymkhana, Dharwad’’. For purpose of this Gymkhana and its various activities, the two colleges of the University –Karnatak Arts College and Karnatak Science College shall be regard as separate units managed by the respective colleges. This revised constitution shall come into effect from the academic Year 1980-81.


  1. To provide training and opportunities to its members to assume responsibilities in the conduct of the extra-curricular activities and cultural life of the College.
  2. To provide amenities for sports and games to the members.
  3. To promote and organize cultural and Social functions such as Association Day, Sports Day, Ec.
  4. To publish the Karnatak Arts/Science College Miscellany.
  5. To encourage extra-curricular activities which foster the physical, social, moral and intellectual and spiritual development of its members.



     The Management of the Gymkhana shall be vested in the Managing Committee of the Gymkhana constituted as under.

  1. The President – Dr. Rajeshwari Maheswaraiah
  2. The Vice-President – Dr. B. F. Chakalabbi.
  3. The Chairperson of the various Departments of the Gymkhana
Sl. No. Departments Chairperson Sign
1. Sports Dr. Jaghadeesh V  
2. Cricket Dr. S. R. Gani  
3. Volley Ball and Basket Ball Dr. Kirana Kumar  
4. Hockey Prof. B. Parvatalu  
5. Badminton and other Indoor Games Prof. C. B. Inalli  
6. Foot - Ball Dr. V. H. Talwar  
7. Indian Games0 Dr. V. H. Talwar  
8. Debating and Wall-paper Dr. K. M. Astagimath    
9. Miscellany Dr. Preema Hallikeri            
10. Reading Room Prof. (Smt) Radhamani  
11. Cultural and other Activities Dr. Aruna Hallikeri  
12. Youth festival  Dr. (Smt) V. Sharada  
13. Physical Director Dr. M. K. Asundi  
14. B.B.A., B.Com (CS)    
15. BTA    
16. BSW    
17. NSS    
18. NCC    
19. Commerce Department    

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