The department was started in July 1953 with Prof. S. V. Bhat as the first member teacher of Hindi. Hindi examination then being compulsory to class I, II and III servants of Bombay Government.

1958 onwards Hindi was introduced both as Major and Minor subject at B.A. level. In 1959 post graduate instruction in Hindi, as a subsidiary subject was started in this college. Subsequently provision for entire Hindi course was made from 1960.

 Dr. S. S. Kattimani promoted as a Principal of Karnatak Arts College in March 2011.

Functional Hindi course is introduced in our college form 1994. The language laboratory is equipped with the computers, type writers etc. Where students of Functional Hindi are being trained.

Now, the department has one permanent staff member; Dr. Z. A. Gulagundi (Head of the Department) along with the Three Teaching Assistants and Two Guest Lecturers.


The B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com courses extending over three academic years provide teaching and guidance for acquiring a thorough knowledge of Hindi language and literature. These courses mainly aims at exposure of the young generation to the nature, usages and terminology of Hindi recognised as official language the union by the constitution.


These courses are intended to make the students efficient to go straight away in to the job desks or to help them to take up self employment. These courses matches the present and future employment opportunities.



 One becomes eligible for Job-oriented courses, several trades and employment such as

  1. M.A. Course in Hindi
  2. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Functional Hindi
  3. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Translation
  4. Employment as a Translators and Hindi Assistant
  5. Employment as Journalists and Reporters etc.


Dr. Z. A. Gulandi
M.A., Ph.D


  1. B.A. with Optional and Functional Hindi along with the Basic Hindi
  2. B.Sc. with Basic Hindi
  3. B.Com with Basic Hindi
  4. B. Music with Basic Hindi



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