The Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit came into existence right from the inception of the college i.e. on 1917. The Centenary celebration of Karnatak College is also the Centenary celebration of the Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit. Prof. A. B. Gajendragadkar an eminent scholar was the first Professor of Sanskrit. Vidyavachaspati S. Gajendragadkar, Prof. R.V. Jahagirdar (M.A. Lond), Dr. V.M. Apte (M.A.,Ph.D. Cantab), Prof. G. Kulkarni, Prof. K.T. Pandurangi, Dr. B. R. Modak, Prof. D. N. Shanbag, Prof. M.N. Joshi, Prof. (Smt) L. V. Panchamukhi, Prof. C. S. Naikar, Dr. V. B. Joshi (Ph.D., Ph.D. Poona), Dr. K. B. Archak and so many other great personalities joined their hands in nourishing and cherishing of the Department.

            Dr. B. K. Khadabadi joined as a lecturer in Prakrit in 1961. He was the student of revered Dr. V. N. Upadhye. He wrote many books on Prakrit. Dr. V. B. Joshi and most of the above mentioned scholars were experts in both Sanskrit and Prakrit.

            A course of Yoga Studies was introduced in 1994 in Karnatak College and it was attached to the Department. Yoga Studies was taught for B.A. and B.Sc, as one of the optional subjects. During this period  Dr. C. S. Naikar was the Head of the Department.

Under the headship of Prof. M. N. Joshi for nearly twenty years the department exercised a remarkable influence on students by conducting good functions like Sanskrit-Day, Vishwabharati (Poem reading of other languages), Kalidasa-Jayanti, Geeta-Jayanti, Study-tour, Kaumudi-Mahotsava (Moonlight Dinner) and Vayu Vihara every year. Some of these events are continuing by the Department even today.

After the retirement of Prof. L.V. Panchamukhi in 2014, Dr. Rajani. H. took charge as the Head of the Department. She is a dynamic person committed to her Teaching & Research. She is working hard for the academic development of the department. As an organizing secretary she has successfully conducted seminars, workshops and exhibitions.


  • Sanskrit Basic and Optional for B.A. Students.
  • Sanskrit Basic for B.Com and B.Sc Students.
  • Sanskrit Basic for B. Music Students.
  • Prakrit Basic and Optional for B.A. Students.
  • Yoga Studies for B.A. Students.


  • Conducting the class seminars by students on various topics in every semester.
  • Celebration of ‘SamskritaDinotsava’ (Sanskrit Day) in ShravanaPoornima (in the month of August.)
  • Conducting ‘Sarala samskritaSambhashanaShibira’ every year to develop the skill of speaking samskrita language.
  • Celebration of ‘GeetaJayanthi’ in Margashirashudhaekadashi   (in the month of  December). On this occasion we conduct ‘Bhagvadgita Shloka Kantha-patha Competition’
  • Organized ‘ShubhashitaKantha-patha Competition’
  • Conducting written and oral ‘Quiz Competition’ about Ramayana and Mahabharata and “Shloka Antyakshari” competition.
  • Celebration of ‘World Yoga Day’on June 21st every year.
  • Conducting ‘Yoga Competition’ for yoga students.


  • To provide a discussion forum through lively and friendly interaction between students and teachers.
  • To encourage the students to understand and speak Samskrita in a simple way.
  • To create awareness among students about the importance of Samskrita language.
  • To enhance the memory power in the students through kantha-patha competition
  • To reveal the importance of yoga
  • To create the sense of research and promoting rational thinking among students.


Our students and teachers take the best advantage of the College Library i.e. V.K. Gokak Library, which possesses good number of Sanskrit and Prakrit books and journals. Apart from this, the department also has its own library. Sanskrit and Prakrit section has 315 books. The yoga section has 181 books.


  • The department plans to organize Regional and National Seminars/Conference/Workshop at regular intervals.
  • Special lectures by eminent scholars on Sanskrit, Prakrit and Yoga.
  • Yoga Shibira every year for other students also.
  • Samskrita Sambhashana Shibira every year for other students also.
  • Minor Project works on Sanskrit, Prakrit and Yoga

Dr. (Smt.) Rajani H.
M.A., Ph.D.




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