The department of Marathi was established in the year 1937.

Dr. S. G. Tulpule, popularly known as ‘Sham. Go’ was a great scholar of Old Marathi literature, which covered Sant Sahitya of all the Saints. Various literary, theatre and film personalities including renowned poets used to attend the department and deliver special lectures.

At present Dr. A. R. Yardi and Dr. Y. S. Raut are working in the Department.

The subject Marathi is offered for the following courses.

Marathi Basic : B. A. I, II, III, IV, V and VI Sem

Marathi Basic : B. Sc. I, II, III & IV Sem

Marathi Basic : B. Com. I & II Sem

Marathi Optional : B. A. I, II, III, IV, V and VI Sem

During the academic period of three years, students are made to study prose and poetry, Biographies and Autobiographies Travelogue & Reportas, History of Old Marathi literature and Modern Marathi literature through various texts.

The important Alumni of the Department are

Teaching field :

Dr. Vijaya Telang Gulbarga University.

Dr. C. N. Waghamare Rani Chennamma University, Belgavi

Mr. Dhanpal Kamble Mandangad (Maharashtra)

Dr. S. M. Rayamane, Chikkodi

Mr. Vaibhav Waghamare, Chikkodi

Renowed writers in Marathi

Smt. Kamal Desai & Smt. Nanda Paithankaic Pune


Ladakoba Naik – Arunachal Pradesh

Vikas Chavan

Police Department

Shri. Kuber Rayamane CPI Belgavi

Banking Sector

Shri. Ravi Mane          Nippani  

M.A., Ph.D.
Dr. Dr..Yashawantt Shankar Rautt
M.A., PGDC. Ph.D. (KUD)




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