The Department of Mathematics started in the year 1918 with Physics Department. Many out-standing personalities have their added their knowledge to flourish and to maintain the grandeur of this department. To name a few. Prof. Bagi (who authored a text book on Trigonometry), Dr. D. C. Pavate (a student of this department, Vice – Chancellor of Karnatak university, Dharwad, author of a famous book on Calculus, further governor of Punjab). Prof. H. B. Walikar (Ex – Vice – Chancellor of Karnatak University, Dharwad), Dr. Amur who later became Registrar of Karnatak university, Dharwad, were staff members of this esteemed department. Presently the department is catering the needs of around 3000 students (including pre university courses and degree course). Also the department faculty are actively involved in research and the department has Ph. D scholars enrolled for the doctorial degree. Dr. A. M. Pathan (former Vice – Chancellor of Karnatak University, Dharwad), Sri Nandan Neelakni (CEO Infosis) were some of the bright students of this department. Also our students are pursuing Ph. D and Integrated Ph. D in top institutions of India like  TIFR, NIT, IIT and other research institutions. Most of students from our department are well placed in good organizations and are making a good carrier.


1)To conduct a degree course in Mathematics which is intellectually challenging and rigorous, ensuring that the graduates are well-placed to pursue postgraduate studies and then Research or to enter employment.
2)To provide students with friendly pastoral and academic support which will help them to develop their capabilities in an environment where both independent study and interaction with staff and fellow students are encouraged.


On successful completion of their studies, the students should-

 1)have learned to assimilate substantial body of knowledge in mathematics.
 2)have the potential to apply critical and analytical reasoning to mathematical problems,
 3)have developed problem solving skills,
 4)have the ability to understand and present mathematical arguments and rigorous proof,
 5)have  the ability to understand basic levels of abstraction in the study of pure and applied Mathematics.
 6)have had the opportunity to enhance their investigative, communication and presentation skills    


Shri. Jagadeesh B Toranagatti
M.Sc., M.Phil
Dr. (Smt.) Keerthi G. Mirajkar
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
M.Sc., M.Tech.




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